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"Like fire... Alexis is warm, mesmerizing, consuming, and crackling with intensity"

-Brent B., audience member

Alexis is a versatile circus artist known for her powerful and captivating performances. Whether dangling in the air on rope or dancing on the ground with cyr wheel, she loves bringing her strength, grace, and expression to the stage. She has performed all around the world with Cirque BouffonP&O Australia Cruises, Shanghai Circus, AIDA CruisesAll Wheels Sports, and Flynn Creek Circus. She has appeared with GOP Variete, Acrobatic Conundrum, and Lagunitas' Couchtrippin' tour. Based in Boston, she is a member of the Boston Circus Guild, performing for productions and private events.

In addition to being a performer, Alexis is venturing further into choreographing, directing, and producing circus. In 2020, Alexis co-founded Circus 617 and with a 2021 Live Arts Boston grant, they premiered the company's first evening length show, "Gathering the Threads," an ensemble-devised, all-rope show about reconnecting and rebuilding ties. Circus 617 has since brought “Gathering the Threads” to Hupstate Circus Festival and collaborated with other artists and performing arts organizations to create four more evening-length productions.

 Individually, Alexis also received a 2023 Next Steps for Boston Dance grant and is currently exploring combining music and circus with her husband, musician Greg Jukes. 


Circus has been Alexis' lifelong passion. Drawn to the impressive and expressive physicality she saw in circus shows as a kid in California, she left competitive gymnastics at age 11 to join local youth troupe, Splash Circus. She learned everything from aerials and acrobatics to juggling and physical theater, and fell in love with performing. After four years with Splash, she joined the San Francisco Youth Circus, training traditional Chinese acrobatics and touring the Bay Area with shows directed by Gypsy Snyder (7 Fingers) and Aloysia Gavre (Cirque du Soleil, Troupe Vertigo). While completing a Bachelor in Psychology and French at Vassar College, Alexis dove into choreographing and directing her own shows with the college's circus troupe. She went on to study at the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne, Australia, graduating in 2013 with specializations in aerial rope and cyr wheel.

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